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Up Close with the Salvatore Ferragamo ZigZag Mini Flap Bag

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I own multiple Ferragamo bags and was really excited with the Salvatore Ferragamo collaboration with Sara Battaglia. Many of you shared my sentiments and the bag that caught my eye as well as many of yours was the Salvatore Ferragamo ZigZag Mini Flap Bag. I wanted to take another look at this bag to share with you if you are interested in it as well, because I think it’s the perfect summer bag for all of us to carry together.

After having Millie, I always have a bag in the car that has every single thing for every single situation. I didn’t intend to be that mom, but I am that mom and that emergency bag has come in handy more times than I can count. But when I’m running into a store and know that my emergency bag is accessible if needed, carrying Millie is enough weight so I don’t need a big bag. I’ve been all about my mini bags and the minute I saw this bag from Ferragamo, it was love.

First off, this bag can easily work during the day to carry your pared down essentials. And of course, this is the perfect little evening bag as well. There are plenty of mini bags out there, the reason I love this one so much is because the design is entirely different. The geometric zigzag leather patchwork brings the design to life and the color combinations are really bold. I love the zigzag leather strap (20″ drop) and most smaller bags only offer chain or skinny leather straps, but this bag sticks to its style from strap to body of the bag. This bag is incredibly usable and comfortably fits everything shown in the below photo: an iPhone, sunglasses in a cloth pouch, lipgloss, small wallet, and makeup compact.

The bag comfortably fit everything shown in the photo: my iPhone 6s (note, not the Plus, had a phone issue so only had the 6 at the time and am not sure the Plus will work well without being crammed in), the Ferragamo sunnies shown in cloth pouch, a Stila lipgoss, a small wallet, and a makeup compact. Though the bag is very tiny, it’s gusseted and expands a bit more than you may think (see side view). There is one small interior zipped pocket and a slit pocket on the back exterior. If you don’t have a larger phone, you could slide your phone in the outside slit pocket. The sunglasses take up a bit of space if you put them in the bag and even when I wear sunglasses, I typically end up putting them on my head or hang them from my shirt, so that opens up additional room for other small items.

Ferragamo Mini Flap-7

Dimensions are 5.5″ H x 6.6″ L x 2.1″ W. If you want to compare to another bag, the Chanel WOC is a bit longer but neither as wide or high. There are three colorways, including black and white, red/black, and this online exclusive green and black. 

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Celebs Take Chanel, Gucci and Fendi Bags to Court, McDonald’s and Beyond

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Chanel Gabrielle Chanel Fragrance

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She was a woman who was many different things, one who sought to live the life she wanted, never giving in to popular convention and basically marched to her own beat. She was a creator, a pioneer, a trend-setter, and one whose glorious legacy still lives on today through Chanel, which in its early days sold only hats before it expanded and in 1922 eventually launched her most iconic fragrance to date, the N°5.

This year, Chanel is celebrating everything Gabrielle Chanel, from a new collection of bags named after her to the #J12Mademoiselle timepieces that everyone wanted. And because a celebration of everything Coco would be odd without a fragrance dedicated to her, this new fragrance, simply known as the Gabrielle Chanel, is an ode to her and the Chanel woman of today, one who’s free-spirited, full of desire, fervour and subversiveness.


Available in an all-new bottle that’s also beautifully-shaped, removing the topper and taking in your first whiff will reveal notes of jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose and ylang ylang that promise to come together beautifully on your skin. Inhale again and everything is supposed to be more intense, thanks to master perfumer Olivier Pole. The jasmine is intensified, with white musk added to the ylang ylang that’s further accentuated by the creaminess of tuberose. Along with blackcurrant, grapefruit zest, mandarin peel and sandalwood, it’s a deliciously heady mix that even Gabrielle Chanel herself would approve of.

The Gabrielle Chanel fragrance will be available at all Chanel boutiques in Singapore from 19 August 2017, and on 1 September 2017 it will be launched at all of Chanel’s beauty counters islandwide.

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After months of guessing, rumors and gossiping about when Chanel will increase their prices, it finally happened in the end of May 2017. This post is an extended edition of the Chanel Price Increase Report 2017.

The hike in prices only occurred in Europe, but is that good news when you’re living abroad like in Australia? Not at all! You see, Europe is a popular shopping place for high fashion goods. People all around the world go to France, Italy, Spain and Germany to purchase iconic handbags from Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and so on. There are several reasons:

1. First it’s the experience. Buying your favorite handbag in a romantic and fashion city like Paris is like a dream come true.

2. You can take advantage of the tax-refund. Tourist can claim up to 14% tax-refund from the retail price, which feels like getting a bargain comparing to your own country.

3. Regardless of the tax-refund, the retail prices in Europe are still cheaper than any country.

So now that the prices in Europe went up, what does it mean for your wallet? BEFORE the PRICE INCREASE, the Chanel M/L Classic Flap Bag was priced at €4260 euro, which is $6587 SGD (as per 20 June 2017 currency conversion). The price for this bag is $7090 SGD at the Chanel boutique in Singapore

Now let’s calculate the new price. The Chanel M/L Classic Flap Bag is NOW priced at €4480 euro and that is $6931 SGD (as per 20 June 2017 currency conversion). What big difference!

The New Prices Of The Mini Bags

In our previous Chanel Price Increase Report, we mentioned that only the prices of the iconic handbags went up. However, we never talked about the Mini Bags like the Mini squared Flap Bag or the WOCs. They’re important as well because they have the same level of popularity. We can conclude that the prices of these mini accessories have gone up as well. But the real question is how much in euro’s and in percentage. And is it still worth chasing? Well let’s cover them here:

New Chanel WOC Prices In Euro’s

Chanel Classic Quilted WOC €1865 euro €1740 euro
Chanel Boy Classic WOC €1980 euro €1850 euro
Chanel Trendy CC WOC €2410 euro €2250 euro
Chanel Reissue 2.55 WOC €2010 euro €1915 euro
Chanel Camellia WOC €1795 euro €1675 euro
Chanel Futuristic WOC €1800 euro €1800 euro

Differences in Euro And in Percentage

Chanel Classic Quilted WOC €125 euro 7,18%
Chanel Boy Classic WOC €130 euro 7,03%
Chanel Trendy CC WOC €160 euro 7,11%
Chanel Reissue 2.55 WOC €95 euro 4,96%
Chanel Camellia WOC €120 euro 7,16%
Chanel Futuristic WOC €0 euro 0%

The Chanel Classic Quilted WOC, Boy Classic WOC and the Reissue 2.55 WOC are all part of the classic collection and most of them went up by 7%. Only the Chanel Reissue 2.5 WOC was spared and was increased by 5%. The WOCs are less expensive than the larger Classic Flap Bags because they’re much smaller. But the larger Classic Flap Bags only increased by 5%, so the 7% increase for a WOC is quite a lot.

The Trendy CC Tote Bags as well as the Flap Bag version and the Bowling Bag version didn’t increased in prices. So it’s quite surprising to see that Chanel has excluded the Trendy CC WOC. The Trendy CC WOC is now 160 euro more expensive and it’s the biggest increase of them all in terms of euro’s. Other seasonal WOCs like the Chanel Futuristic WOC didn’t hiked in prices at all.

The Prices Of The Chanel Small Clutch With Chain Went Up


Now let’s talk about another popular mini shoulder bag; it’s the Chanel Clutch With Chain. This mini bag is very comparable to the Chanel WOC, but less expensive. Let’s see whether they’ve increased in prices as well:

New Small Clutch With Chain Prices In Euro’s

Chanel Small Clutch with Chain €1460 euro* €1390 euro
Boy Chanel Small Clutch with Chain €1525 euro €1450 euro

*estimated prices

Differences in Euro And in Percentage

Chanel Clutch with Chain €70 euro* 5,04%
Boy Chanel Clutch with Chain €75 euro 5,17%

*estimated prices

Chanel didn’t take it easy on us. The prices of the Chanel Small Clutch with Chain are now around €70 euro more expensive, which a hike of approximately 5%. However, they’re still quite affordable for a mini timeless bag. For those that have already turned their back on the WOCs, perhaps this is a better option. So keep your Chanel dream alive!

The Prices Of The Chanel Wallets Went Up


New Chanel Wallet Prices In Euro’s

Chanel L Flap Wallet €935 €890
Chanel L Flap Wallet (foldable) €885 €840
Chanel Small Flap Wallet €695 €660
Chanel L-Yen Wallet €770 €730
Chanel Zip Around Wallet €945 €900
Boy Chanel Yen Wallet €825 €785
Boy Chanel Long Wallet €940 €895
Chanel Classic Card holder €285 €270
Chanel Classic Keyholder €515 €380

Differences in Euro And in Percentage

Chanel L Flap Wallet €45 5,06%
Chanel L Flap Wallet (foldable) €45 5,36%
Chanel Small Flap Wallet €35 5,30%
Chanel L-Yen Wallet €40 5,48%
Chanel Zip Around Wallet €45 5,00%
Boy Chanel Yen Wallet €40 5,10%
Boy Chanel Long Wallet €45 5,03%
Chanel Classic Card holder €15 5,56%
Chanel Classic Keyholder €135 35,53%

Well then, how about the Wallets? Unfortunately, they have met the same fate like the Classic Flap Bag and the Small Clutch with Chain. All of them became 5% more expensive. While 50 euro is not really a lot if you compare it to bigger handbags, but these are small leather accessories – wallets. Why pay more if you could have got them for less?

Another astonishing price increase that we’ve discovered is the Chanel Classic Keyholder, which is a cute mini coin wallet with a key ring on it. A few months ago, when we wrote an article about it, the price was €380 euro. And today? It’s retailing for €515 euro. Jaw-dropping prices!

So beware for the next price hike, Chanel will continuously punishing those who procrastinated. Let’s us know your thoughts in the comment.

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What’s happening at Dior recently is truly revolutionary. New handbags are being released at rapid pace. You might have already heard about the Dio(r)evolution shoulder bag, but today a newer version is available. It’s called the Dio(r)evolution Handle Flap Bag and everything about it is gorgeous.

So what’s new comparing to the shoulder bag edition? Just like it name says; it comes with an extra handle, so it can be converted into a smart tote. The handles are crafted in round curvy shape, perfect for the modern woman. The Dio(r)evolution Bag is stunning because of the multiple way you can carry. It also comes with long leather strap for shoulder carry or cross body. This leather strap be removed or adjusted to your comfort. Then there is a slot handclasp on the front flap. This handclasp is beautified with the house’s signature; DIOR. When you have removed the leather strap, you can use this part to hold the bag as a clutch. Clever right?

This Dio(r)evolution Handle Flap Bag is made to with crinkled calfskin to look vintage. Then it’s added with aged gold-tone metal hardware. It’s a different look than the classic Cannage Stitching.

The interior is roomy as well, there is a small pocket on the front, then a large compartment at the back to store all your stuff. The inside is certainly bigger than shoulder bag version. The bag measures 25 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm and is priced at €2700 euro, £2400 GBP, ₩4,100,000 WON via Dior boutiques.




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