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What are the icon’s of this fashion house? CC logo, quilting and camellia flowers. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Chanel Camellia Wallet On Chain Bag. They used to have one in their permanent collection, which looks like this:


But this version is first-time ever and we’re totally in love with it.

Gracing Chanel’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection Act 2, this Camellia Quilted Wallet On Chain Bag is a part of the fashion power house’s icon. Made from grained calfskin and silver tone metal, this flowery bag is perfect to spice up your equally fashionable outfits!

With its striking and lively red color, this CC Camellia Wallet On Chain Bag can brighten up your ensembles and could perfectly match your flirty white dress! There are more colors available, but check with the SA for more information.

If you look closer, you’ll notice that the diamond quilting has been replaced with camellia quilting. The edges of the flowers are enhanced with little stitching, which makes it more notable. And though there is no CC logo in golden or silver hardware in the center, Chanel did stitched a beautiful CC signature in the center of the flower. It also has a chained link shoulder strap for easy shoulder or cross-body carrying.

Style code A82336, measuring 4.8” x 7.6” x 1.4” inches, priced at $2100 USD, €1675 euro, £1490 GBP, $13200 HKD, $2690 SGD, $2570 AUD, ¥210600 JPY, ¥13000 CNY via Chanel boutiques.



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Nike Flyknit Racer ‘Goddess’ & ‘Triple Black Midnight’

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It’s black, it’s white. And before I break out with Michael Jackson’s Black Or White, here’s what you should know about Nike’s latest Flyknit Racerreleases. And as the names suggest, one’s all-white, the other, all-black, both pairs fans of the sneaker have been asking for a really long time.

The Triple Black Midnight was released sometime in December last year and you’ll be pleased to know that some sizes are still available at Nike’s Singapore stores as well as online stores where it is priced at SGD239. Quite literally the only fully solid Flyknit Racer ever in a single hue, the only thing that’s white is probably the reflective lines on the heel tab.

Then there’s the Goddess, a silhouette so clean that you barely see Nike’s iconic tick logo. Which probably explains why fans are crazy over it, with the question now being how to get one. Well, the bad news is that it’s sold out online, though I see a couple of sizes over on Nike’s US site so if the shoe fits (and you have Borderlinx), well, you know what to do.

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Louis Vuitton S/S17 Chain It Bag

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I’m sure you’re familiar with the Lockit, Louis Vuitton’s relaxed top handle tote that’s great for work or play. Now meet Louis Vuitton’s new bag of the season, the Chain It. At first glance, it’s your usual top handle handbag, complete with a long shoulder sling that allows one to wear it over the shoulder (or across the body). Pretty normal, right? Well, yes, until we get to its nautical-inspired chain.

Featuring a statement chain embellishment that runs the height of the bag, it looks as if the chain is weaved into the leather, an innovative process the design team is pretty chuffed about. Then there’s the lock on the bottom of the chain, which is also the clasp of the bag; you just need to press the sides of the lock to release the flap.

And besides the fact that you can completely remove the shoulder sling (something I really appreciate when it comes to helping the bag be more versatile), you can also retract the top handle, i.e you push it all the way to hide it as much as possible for a completely new look.


Measuring some 26 cm by 20 cm, the bag comes in Monogram Canvasthat’s topped with a black leather flap (SGD3600), along with something called Epi Jean (which is basically Epi leather made to look like light denim, SGD3950) as well as smooth calf leather in Pistache (SGD4250). Last but not least, there’s the one in Damier Malletage that’s also my personal favourite. Featuring LV’s iconic Damier pattern with a ‘puffed’ leather effect, it’s also the most tactile of the lot. Priced at SGD4750, it’s also the most expensive of the lot, which is also fully understandable because it’s the most exquisite.

Now available at Louis Vuitton boutiques in Singapore, you just need to head down and see if this is the one that you find yourself chained to at the end of the day. Sorry, bad pun, but you know what I mean.

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Jennifer Lawrence stars in Dior Addict Lacquer Stick campaignJennifer Lawrence stars in Dior Addict Lacquer Stick campaign

Actress Jennifer Lawrence continues her role as a Dior ambassador for the brand’s all new lipstick line. The French fashion house introduces the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick–it’s first lacquer in stick form. Jennifer poses in a California diner for the official campaign images captured by David Sims. The actress wears a shimmering sequin dress in the radiant images.

Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, says about the range: “For this new generation of lipstick, I wanted the comfort of a moisturizing balm without compromising the intensity of color and shine.” The makeup collection includes eighteen shades in all ranging from scarlet red to bubble gum pink and deep plum.


Actress Jennifer Lawrence appears in Dior Addict Lacquer Stick campaignActress Jennifer Lawrence appears in Dior Addict Lacquer Stick advertising campaign
Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Indie RoseIndie Rose by Dior Addict Lacquer StickDior Addict Lacquer Stick in Party RedParty Red by Dior Addict Lacquer StickTurn Me Dior by Dior Addict Lacquer Stick

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Fendi Fall 2017 Thefashionguitar

I think it’s quite clear that we need to start talking about what happened on the Fendi Fall 2017 runway today. Evidently I’m not in Milan-town right now, but apart from my own major FOMO, you wouldn’t notice, because the only thing we can see right now are those RED BOOTS. Fendi Fall 2017 RED BOOTS. I feel a major style alarm note we have to make, because this is the boot we are all going to wear from now on…

Karl Lagerfeld did it again. He killed it! And this time with a less “fur” runway, which I’m sure many people are very happy about – including myself. Even more happy surely everyone is by seeing these killer red over-the-knee-boots. Two shades of red – a wine red and fire-red – but personally I’m would go for the fire-red ones. AND the pointy toe is still there, which I also love!

I won’t lie, I’ve already been searching the internet for a perfect pair that I can wear right now, because I’m not sure if I can wait till these land in store. Should I be regretting the pair of Manolo’s x Vetements I just clicked home… Should I save up and get these in Fall instead?

Fendi Fall 2017 Thefashionguitar

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Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017

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Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017 Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017

Charlotte Olympia spring bag presents a collection of very fresh and unique. Such as picnic bucket bag. This is really like a picnic bag is accompanied by a thread lock on the rope. Charlotte Olympia spring bag also comes in the form of a backpack. For those of you who love to perform with carry bag, this model is available with a choice of motif kitty or a bright daisy flowers. Charlotte Olympia spring bag featuring a lot of choices, you can find your favorite below.

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA PICNIC BUCKET BAG Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA BOTANICAL HANDBAG Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA DEAN BAG Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA FELINE BACKPACK Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA FELINE PURSE Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA HAPPY BACKPACK Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA LADYBIRD Charlotte Olympia Spring Bag 2017

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