Givenchy Nano Horizon

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If there’s one bag that’s most deserving of airtime from Givenchy now, it would be the Horizon. Sleek, structured and minimal with the smallest of logos on the front, it comes in four sizes – the Nano, Mini, Small and Medium, with the subject of today’s post falling squarely on the smallest of the small, the Nano Horizon.

The cute, but fairly sizeable bag comes in a wide range of colours. And boy are there lots, from Coral Red to Pink as well as Green and Indigo Blue. And for those who prefer the fail-safe, there’s always Black. All of the colours are available in grained leather, but for those who like it only in smooth calfskin, get the one in Coral Red instead.

Available at Givenchy’s Paragon boutique, the Nano Horizon has been repriced from SGD2100 to SGD1900 from 1 April 2017 (no, it’s not an April’s Fool joke). The Nano Horizon also comes with an extra strap for you to sling cross body or over the shoulder. But for the ladies keen on the bigger sizes, not to worry, we’ve got you covered as well.

The ones in Small and Medium also had their prices readjusted recently and they currently stand at SGD3250 and SGD3590 respectively. Now what about the Mini Horizon? Like the Nano Horizon, it comes in a variety of colours as well and is priced at SGD2690. Now, something special to note about the Mini Horizon: it comes in an exotic crocodile as well. Available in 3 stunning hues (Emerald Green, Red and Yellow), they retail for SGD31,500 apiece, which while isn’t exactly cheap is still more affordable than other luxury brands that charge almost 6 figures for their bags in exotic croc.

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Cool for the Summer: Karl Largerfeld and Vilebrequin launch a capsule swimwear line


Karl Largerfeld and Vilebrequin’s swimwear collection is all you need on your beachside vacation this summer. The collection consists of 8 items and celebrate the spirit of the season with swim ready clothing and accessories.

The collection uses the familiar nautical colors of blue and white to great effect. Look out for details like ombre, stripes, and of course the silhouette of Largerfeld himself, which features on the edges of the items, almost like a logo. Iconic elements of resort fashion all feature, including a polo shirt and two styles of swim shorts for men and for women, a bikini, a tunic and swim shorts and accessories like a beach towel and a zip-top clutch.

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Ultra rare Patek Philippe pocket watch may fetch $7.7M at Sotheby’s auction

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Rare watches hold a level of classical importance, better known by connoisseurs, collectors and those closely associated with the horological world. While the uncommon and almost extinguished Rolex Submarines and Cosmo graphs are usually taken into account while weighing the lucrativeness of a luxury watches sale, a piece of an uber-classy Patek Philippe like this one is bound to make to exceptions, and in oomph at that.

Here to fixate gazes and make pockets burn is the luxury watch maker’s creation from the 1980’s – the Calibre 89 that is all set to go under the hammer at the Geneva auction in May. Already touted as the star of the upcoming sale, the luxe watch is estimated to fetch a heavy sum of £6 – 8m, which though pocket- shattering, is worth every penny commanded by the unique horological wonder. Built to become the ultimate expression of the watchmaker’s art, the Calibre 89 is the most complicated Patek Philippe ever seen. It boasts of 33 Complications and is 9cm in diameter, with a thickness and weight of 4cm and 1.1kg respectively.

Complete with 1,728 components in all, the watch was originally produced in four colors – yellow, white, rose gold and platinum. The current yellow gold version of the Patek Phillipe Calibre 89 was previously sold by Antiquorum for SFr5.1m in November 2009, before it fetched $11 million at Christie’s last year. If you hold a bank balance that can easily outrun 11 million dollars with an ardent wish to possess this uber-attractive time piece, make way to Sotheby’s Important Watches auction on 14th May in Geneva.

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Coco Rocha on FASHION Magazine April 2017 Cover
Coco Rocha on FASHION Magazine April 2017 Cover

Canadian top model Coco Rocha lands the April 2017 cover for FASHION Magazine. The platinum blonde lands not just one but five covers for the new issue. Set to hit newsstands on March 13th, a special collector’s edition features a three-tab overlay for mixing and matching. Owen Bruce photographs Coco for the spread with styling by George Antonopoulos. In the spread, the 28-year-old wears bold statement jewelry as well as 80’s inspired makeup and clothing looks.


Channeling the 80’s, Coco Rocha wears Marni jacket, pants and earrings
Channeling the 80’s, Coco Rocha wears Marni jacket, pants and earrings


In her interview, Coco talks about fashion’s fickleness with social media. The Canadian was one of the first models to embrace platforms like Tumblr and Twitter. “[Prior to social media], everything was hush-hush. The fashion industry was supposed to be a fantasy world that was unattainable and aspirational. And the model was part of that. You wouldn’t really know anything about her or her personality, and here I was trying to change that. It’s funny that some of the same people who told me I was ‘ruining the mystique’ at the time are now posting incessantly about what they ate for breakfast.”

Wearing red blush and lipstick, Coco Rocha models Swarovski earrings and ring
Wearing red blush and lipstick, Coco Rocha models Swarovski earrings and ring
Model Coco Rocha gets clad in Gucci jacket, skirt and heels
Model Coco Rocha gets clad in Gucci jacket, skirt and heels
Getting her closeup, Coco Rocha poses in Tibi top and Karen Walker sunglasses
Coco Rocha models blue eyeshadow and red lacquered lips with Gillian Steinhart earrings
Coco Rocha models blue eyeshadow and red lacquered lips with Gillian Steinhart earrings
Coco Rocha poses in Altuzarra top, skirt, belt and earrings with Botkier ring
Coco Rocha poses in Altuzarra top, skirt, belt and earrings with Botkier ring

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Louis Vuitton’s latest spin time watch is the Escale Spin Time Blue

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Louis Vuitton’s Escale Spin Time Blue takes their already clever Escale Spin Time watch to another realm of cool. Escale Spin Time watches are powered by an in-house LV movement which allows the 12 rotating cubes on the dial to move and tell time. This 2017 version also includes a flying tourbillon in the centre of the dial that rotates every minute. This is the first time the house has combined their Spin Time movement with a flying tourbillon.

This innovation is housed in a 41 mm satin finished titanium case with a platinum bezel, lugs and crown. The v-shaped tourbillon carriage seems to float over the dial of the watch and the house chose to enhance this effect by using a specially designed sapphire crystal. While previous renditions of the Escale Spin Time have been pretty colorful, this watch uses a single color- blue- to great effect. The Escale Spin Time Blue is finished with a navy blue alligator strap with a yellow rubber-effect calfskin lining and a white gold pin buckle.

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Loewe Hammock Bag

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It’s one bag – ONE bag – and it has multiple looks – MULTIPLE!loewe-hammock-bag-7

When we first touched on the wonders of what the Hammock Bag is, it left me with a lingering ache in my heart. One, I had hoped it will survive the hand bag fashion world, where every brand is fighting to get the prime spot. And two, I hope people will buy it.


It’s been several seasons since the Hammock came out, and it evolved long enough to now be available in two sizes: regular and small (both adorable!). This season we’re seeing many variations offered by Loewe, and it looks like it’s something that definitely isn’t dying in the handbag fashion world. Loewe seems to want to take this design and put its place in the market, and your closet.


The only thing I haven’t seen of late are actual people using it. Perhaps in my side of the world and in the circles I go around, I don’t catch anyone using one. We seem to see everything else Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, even Hermès on the streets, but I almost never see LVMH’s baby Loewe.

Perhaps there are bags that are just meant to be under-the-radar, but this beautiful bag and it’s multiple forms seem to be such a design breakthrough that … only I seem to appreciate? Perhaps a handful of us are out there, in case singling myself out is such a naïve assumption.


I mean it’s so rare to come across a bag that can be smaller, bigger, and one that folds in and out and takes on a new form just by, literally, waving your hand. It can be a tote or a sling bag, cross body or shoulder bag.



Normally I want to see someone else carrying a bag before I purchase one for myself. Does everyone else not know about the Hammock bag yet? Am I alone in being in love with this bag? Or do people know this bag but don’t love it (and that I suck)?


In many ways, I feel like Loewe, in general, is an under rated brand in itself. So, perhaps no matter how awesome a design could be, if you’re not a big player in the fashion industry, you’d be left being adored in a distance, and blogged about, by a bag loving boy.

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