Emma Stern Nielsen stars in Seafolly's fall 2017 campaignEmma Stern Nielsen stars in Seafolly's fall 2017 campaign

Seafolly sets its sights on a sun-drenched beach outing with the launch of its fall 2017 campaign. Shot on the Cooloola Coast in Queenland, Australia by Simon Upton, the images star models Emma Stern Nielsen and Victoria Lee. The new season spotlights the Australian brand's swimwear, activewear and overwear collections. Embracing colorful prints and modern silhouettes, Seafolly's fall collection is all about beach style.


Seafolly unveils its fall 2017 campaignSeafolly unveils its fall 2017 campaignVictoria Lee models an embroidered caftan from SeafollyVictoria Lee models an embroidered caftan from SeafollyVictoria Lee stars in Seafolly's fall 2017 campaignVictoria Lee stars in Seafolly's fall 2017 campaignSeafolly sets its fall 2017 campaign on the Cooloola Coast in QueenlandSeafolly sets its fall 2017 campaign on the Cooloola Coast in QueenlandEmma Stern Nielsen poses in Seafolly Pacifico Slide bikini top and Brazilian bikini bottomsEmma Stern Nielsen poses in Seafolly Pacifico Slide bikini top and Brazilian bikini bottoms

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Only in Dubai – A $33,000 pair of gold dipped pumps

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In a city where even a breath of air costs a few pennies, we’re not entirely surprised that Dubai is now home to a pair of shoes worth AED 120,000 (USD 33,000). Curated by Italian designer Antonio Vietri, the extremely fashionable pair of footwear is debuting in today’s Leatherworld Middle East 2017,

Fortunately for Vietri, his name is now a rather recognised one in Dubai where only last year a pair of golden loafers was displayed at a staggering AED 300,000 (USD 82,000). Interestingly enough, the pair of shoes were welcomed by footwear fanatics.

“I’m delighted to officially unveil my women’s collection at Leatherworld Middle East 2017, following the resounding success of the global launch of my men’s collection at the show last year,” said Vietri. “Gulf consumers love exclusivity and luxury that’s entirely unique, and I’m excited to present customers and retailers something completely different from anything they’ve seen before.”

Now more about this pricey commodity! Well, the silk pumps dipped in some 24-carat gold RE embellished with gold and silver ornaments. If you happen to be keen on owning this pair, you can select between Swarovski crystals, pearls or diamonds to adorn your expensive pair of pumps.

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Louis Vuitton Lockme Bucket Bag Reference Guide

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Presenting the Louis Vuitton Lockme Bucket. This bag is the newest addition to the Lockme line. A bucket bag style similar to the Monogram Canvas Neonoe. The Lockme Bucket is made of soft calfskin and features the signature LV Twist Lock closure. The interior is made of microfiber, and unlike the Neonoe, this bag does not have a divider inside. It only includes a zipped pocket and two smartphone flat pockets. The bag has an adjustable strap for shoulder carry or for cross-body. It also has a keybell and a leather thread.

Style, Price & Size




Louis Vuitton Lockme Bucket Bag $2,840.00 (USD) 9.6” L x 10.6” H x 5.9” W
Louis Vuitton Braided Lockme Bucket Bag $2,990.00 (USD)


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Kate King stars in Vogue Taiwan’s July issue

Kate King channels her inner siren in the pages of Vogue Taiwan’s June 2017 issue. Lensed by Enrique Vega, the brunette poses in stunning summer beauty looks. Stylist Melaney Oldenhof dresses the Canadian looker in statement tops and jewelry from the likes of Jason Wu, Celine and Delpozo. Hairstylist Elsa gives her the wet hair look with Justine Purdue on makeup. 

Photographed by Enrique Vega, Kate King stars in a summer beauty editorialPhotographed by Enrique Vega, Kate King stars in a summer beauty editorial

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After months of guessing, rumors and gossiping about when Chanel will increase their prices, it finally happened in the end of May 2017. This post is an extended edition of the Chanel Price Increase Report 2017.

The hike in prices only occurred in Europe, but is that good news when you’re living abroad like in Australia? Not at all! You see, Europe is a popular shopping place for high fashion goods. People all around the world go to France, Italy, Spain and Germany to purchase iconic handbags from Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and so on. There are several reasons:

1. First it’s the experience. Buying your favorite handbag in a romantic and fashion city like Paris is like a dream come true.

2. You can take advantage of the tax-refund. Tourist can claim up to 14% tax-refund from the retail price, which feels like getting a bargain comparing to your own country.

3. Regardless of the tax-refund, the retail prices in Europe are still cheaper than any country.

So now that the prices in Europe went up, what does it mean for your wallet? BEFORE the PRICE INCREASE, the Chanel M/L Classic Flap Bag was priced at €4260 euro, which is $6587 SGD (as per 20 June 2017 currency conversion). The price for this bag is $7090 SGD at the Chanel boutique in Singapore

Now let’s calculate the new price. The Chanel M/L Classic Flap Bag is NOW priced at €4480 euro and that is $6931 SGD (as per 20 June 2017 currency conversion). What big difference!

The New Prices Of The Mini Bags

In our previous Chanel Price Increase Report, we mentioned that only the prices of the iconic handbags went up. However, we never talked about the Mini Bags like the Mini squared Flap Bag or the WOCs. They’re important as well because they have the same level of popularity. We can conclude that the prices of these mini accessories have gone up as well. But the real question is how much in euro’s and in percentage. And is it still worth chasing? Well let’s cover them here:

New Chanel WOC Prices In Euro’s

Chanel Classic Quilted WOC €1865 euro €1740 euro
Chanel Boy Classic WOC €1980 euro €1850 euro
Chanel Trendy CC WOC €2410 euro €2250 euro
Chanel Reissue 2.55 WOC €2010 euro €1915 euro
Chanel Camellia WOC €1795 euro €1675 euro
Chanel Futuristic WOC €1800 euro €1800 euro

Differences in Euro And in Percentage

Chanel Classic Quilted WOC €125 euro 7,18%
Chanel Boy Classic WOC €130 euro 7,03%
Chanel Trendy CC WOC €160 euro 7,11%
Chanel Reissue 2.55 WOC €95 euro 4,96%
Chanel Camellia WOC €120 euro 7,16%
Chanel Futuristic WOC €0 euro 0%

The Chanel Classic Quilted WOC, Boy Classic WOC and the Reissue 2.55 WOC are all part of the classic collection and most of them went up by 7%. Only the Chanel Reissue 2.5 WOC was spared and was increased by 5%. The WOCs are less expensive than the larger Classic Flap Bags because they’re much smaller. But the larger Classic Flap Bags only increased by 5%, so the 7% increase for a WOC is quite a lot.

The Trendy CC Tote Bags as well as the Flap Bag version and the Bowling Bag version didn’t increased in prices. So it’s quite surprising to see that Chanel has excluded the Trendy CC WOC. The Trendy CC WOC is now 160 euro more expensive and it’s the biggest increase of them all in terms of euro’s. Other seasonal WOCs like the Chanel Futuristic WOC didn’t hiked in prices at all.

The Prices Of The Chanel Small Clutch With Chain Went Up


Now let’s talk about another popular mini shoulder bag; it’s the Chanel Clutch With Chain. This mini bag is very comparable to the Chanel WOC, but less expensive. Let’s see whether they’ve increased in prices as well:

New Small Clutch With Chain Prices In Euro’s

Chanel Small Clutch with Chain €1460 euro* €1390 euro
Boy Chanel Small Clutch with Chain €1525 euro €1450 euro

*estimated prices

Differences in Euro And in Percentage

Chanel Clutch with Chain €70 euro* 5,04%
Boy Chanel Clutch with Chain €75 euro 5,17%

*estimated prices

Chanel didn’t take it easy on us. The prices of the Chanel Small Clutch with Chain are now around €70 euro more expensive, which a hike of approximately 5%. However, they’re still quite affordable for a mini timeless bag. For those that have already turned their back on the WOCs, perhaps this is a better option. So keep your Chanel dream alive!

The Prices Of The Chanel Wallets Went Up


New Chanel Wallet Prices In Euro’s

Chanel L Flap Wallet €935 €890
Chanel L Flap Wallet (foldable) €885 €840
Chanel Small Flap Wallet €695 €660
Chanel L-Yen Wallet €770 €730
Chanel Zip Around Wallet €945 €900
Boy Chanel Yen Wallet €825 €785
Boy Chanel Long Wallet €940 €895
Chanel Classic Card holder €285 €270
Chanel Classic Keyholder €515 €380

Differences in Euro And in Percentage

Chanel L Flap Wallet €45 5,06%
Chanel L Flap Wallet (foldable) €45 5,36%
Chanel Small Flap Wallet €35 5,30%
Chanel L-Yen Wallet €40 5,48%
Chanel Zip Around Wallet €45 5,00%
Boy Chanel Yen Wallet €40 5,10%
Boy Chanel Long Wallet €45 5,03%
Chanel Classic Card holder €15 5,56%
Chanel Classic Keyholder €135 35,53%

Well then, how about the Wallets? Unfortunately, they have met the same fate like the Classic Flap Bag and the Small Clutch with Chain. All of them became 5% more expensive. While 50 euro is not really a lot if you compare it to bigger handbags, but these are small leather accessories – wallets. Why pay more if you could have got them for less?

Another astonishing price increase that we’ve discovered is the Chanel Classic Keyholder, which is a cute mini coin wallet with a key ring on it. A few months ago, when we wrote an article about it, the price was €380 euro. And today? It’s retailing for €515 euro. Jaw-dropping prices!

So beware for the next price hike, Chanel will continuously punishing those who procrastinated. Let’s us know your thoughts in the comment.

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Matches Fashion unveils its spring-summer 2017 saleMatches Fashion unveils its spring-summer 2017 sale

Luxury fashion retailer Matches Fashion launches its spring-summer 2017 sale. Get ready to upgrade your wardrobe with these designer styles. The discounts include top brands like Roberto Cavalli, Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana. From embroidered dresses to on-trend sandals, discover our favorites from the sale below. 


Dolce & Gabbana Cocktail-Print Cady Midi Dress $2,537 (previously $3,625)Dolce & Gabbana Cocktail-Print Cady Midi Dress $2,537 (previously $3,625)
Get ready for cocktail hour with a flattering dress featuring playful prints and a nipped waist.Jimmy Choo Keely 100mm Satin Mules $432 (previously $618)Jimmy Choo Keely 100mm Satin Mules $432 (previously $618)
Embrace an evening wear look with a mule sandal including a knotted bow and 4″ heels.Zimmermann Winsome Tier Embroidered Silk-Organza Gown $1,388 (previously $1,983)Zimmermann Winsome Tier Embroidered Silk-Organza Gown $1,388 (previously $1,983)
Look ethereal in white wearing a tiered gown made of ruffles with circle-lace trims and elegant embroidery.Saint Laurent Y-Studs Suede Bucket Bag $1,005 (previously $1,437)Saint Laurent Y-Studs Suede Bucket Bag $1,005 (previously $1,437)
Channel the 1970’s with a suede bucket bag featuring gold studding and a drawstring silhouette.Roberto Cavalli Embroidered Tiered-Cotton Gown $2,611 (previously $3,731)Roberto Cavalli Embroidered Tiered-Cotton Gown $2,611 (previously $3,731)
Look like a bohemian goddess wearing a white gown decorated with navy snakes and glittering embroidery.

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