The Legendary Brand Designer Handbags

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Speaking of legendary handbag brand, my mind immediately springing a symbol, it is a classic big fashion – Louis Vuitton. Speaking of Ms. Louis Vuitton handbags have to say is selling 40 years of classic Speedy bag. The original name of Speedy Express. Rich inspiration comes from the rapid development of modern transport and fast-paced life attitude, Express improved as Speedy. 1965 request of Audrey Hepburn, Louis Vuitton customized a 25 cm size Speedy travel bag. Since the beginning, Speedy has introduced numerous numbers for the choice of different uses. Classic Speedy Bag. Unlike several other bags, the original intention of the design is to Speedy as a practical bag sales. Therefore, by Speedy most significant feature is that you can optionally be collapsed. However, Audrey whether to participate in the filming of the movie or travel, even tea also like to carry a Speedy makes this bag stand out from the many travel bag, as the best tool of interpretation of elegance. The woman who fell in love with a traveling bag, no matter what they are willing to choose a different size Speedy as a must-have item at hand. Customer in hundreds of colors like a match made color bar printed in classic Monogram Speedy or Keepall, at the same time they want printed on the acronym. The Graffiti Speedy. Speedy case of Marc Jacobs questioned Jacobs is a downright genius, his whim, often for the Louis Vuitton injection incredible vitality. Of course, is also true for Speedy This classic bag, Marc Jacobs, even in the spring and summer of 2009 to start above the graffiti, even the bags dyed fluorescent green color. Remains the same, however, it was sought after stars such as Madonna.

Gucci, which is a legendary top brands, particularly like to mention here that the Jackie handbag classic style of the Gucci brand.Gucci Jackie handbag can be called unique position occupied by the extraordinary. In 1950, the first Jackie available immediately become the love of Jacqueline Onassis. Different series, different models Jackie handbags photos her arm, and swept the entire 1960s, and then the woman imitated by the object. Face of Jacqueline Kennedy Getty Image Photo Gallery or shoulder, or hand, or free to pull in a small arm Jackie bag photo, can not help but think, what shape an image handbags, achievements or these fashion Icon a handbag. Unable to determine the reason for this is that today, half a century later, the black-and-white photos of the Kennedy Lady still a variety of media posted Jackie and the metamorphosis of a completely new style, waving to new patrons. Toting the classic Jackie. When people think mainly beige and brown Jackie handbags match with The First Lady wardrobe the 1960s round neck suit, Gucci current designer Frida Giannini was in the package. body a color revolution. Canvas splicing classic Jackie Bag. Purple, gem, green, and red wine have the stage, with the proliferation of Bohemian Complex long leather tassels and Frida love quite oriental charm bamboo decoration, so that the entire New Jackie series refreshing. Some people secretly in the new era of change is worried for Jackie sales knock was given sound of a hammer. Of course, ultimately, produce bags to attract women in droves rare leather – alligator, python skin, ostrich skin and very soft New Zealand calf, New Jackie tightly nailed on the luxury booth. The numerous classic bags inspiration comes from the traditional saddle and cast masterpiece, Jackie package is no exception. Shape, Jackie looks like a rich sense of design and both the soft texture of the classic saddle. Closely fit the shape of the arms allows users to feel close and comfortable. In the production process, Jackie heritage Florence saddle unique production methods. Pure hand-sewn leather border decorative lines need to consume a long labor, a rigorous template stereotypes bags, each Jackie strictly similar, in order to maintain the unity. Completion of each New Jackie handbags requires a minimum of seven hours, you need up to 13 hours of sewing. Jackie handbag Gucci family called handbag legendary, it is no exaggeration.

Legendary top brands, Dior fame and fortune list the most aristocratic brand Doir classic Lady Dior handbag. I want each of you mind will emerge out of the elegance of the word. Admittedly, in September 1995 in Paris Grand handbags first introduced in the Palais Grand Palais on the Cezanne exhibition “captured the hearts of countless Dior girl. I believe also let Dior fans would envy! Lady Dior handbag package surface sewing lozenge called Cannage, Cannage the inspiration from a Napoleon III chairs. In 1947, Christian Dior fashion show in this chair in honor of his guests. 1996 factory leather craftsmen reinterpreted Cannage, and Lady Dior handbags blend has become an important part of the handbag. Cannage, including the production of Lady Dior implement advanced customization spirit of clothing, from the production of materials, manual techniques to details such as four hanging on metal impounded in the package, and almost all of the hand-completed. After many process screening good leather very small piece of leather through a variety of processing staining, cut into dozens and the shape and size of the various components handbags. These parts include the handle of the bag, bottom, side and front, etc.. This process required a special wooden mold quite a few three-dimensional cut wood fight handbags inserted into the mold. As common shoe last, the wooden mold as a similar internal support tools to control the shape of the handbag. Small piece of leather craftsmen will each one belong to different parts of the package on the mold surface, to ensure that each box size and shape of the Lady Dior handbag exactly the same, so that the error is minimized. Then, after pasting, sewing and hammering process, approximate prototype bag on the show in front of people. These are just making a Lady Dior bag 95 process, which one. This handbag launch was Bodenadai. Mrs. Chirac (former French president’s wife) bag gift Princess Diana attended the exhibition. Almost harsh handbags of the production process to obtain the favor of Princess Diana, and in 1996 officially changed its name to the Lady Dior, but also to pay tribute to the beautiful princess of the world’s attention. Too many legendary I can not use words to describe the love package family are slowly appreciate it, hope you like it!

In people’s minds, Chanel is not only elegant brand, is a confident, independent new woman signs. This brand was founded in 1910 many legendary stories worth to dig it! I remember when I bought the first luxury bags, always more focused on her brand LOGO. Gradually, as the experience of mature, cloakroom display bags of different styles in different colors. Handbag of each brand has its legendary upbringing, under-oriented to share my mind classic Chanel 2.55 bag. Ms. Chanel handbags was launched in February 1955, a revolution in the luxury goods sector – 2.55. Obviously, handbags time of its birth named Prior to this, the daily lives of women abandon traditional Clutch. But even carrying a different daily 2.55 out of the woman who probably do not understand this set of figures: only 3-micron gold-plated 2.55 bag, involved in the production of artificial 6-15, 180 hourly production process, 180 production process. So far, 50% of the 2.55 is designed to be a black, in fact, in order to commemorate the the Ms. Chanel Aoba Xin monastery the wonderful childhood. 7 series for each year for each series includes 30 models of Chanel 2.55 bag, is not only responsible for producing craftsmen extremely busy, endlessly bag design.

To introduce the topic of a legendary Italian brand, perhaps this brand a bit strange, but I think everyone is in the door of ladies fashion parties, the hands of the Hollywood stars have seen it – the entire woven Leather, revealing extremely good feel, it is known as the “Italian Hermes” said BOTTEGA VENETA. Knot package you can call it the flagship of the Kingdom of Bottega Veneta. Excellent technology gurus in the Veneto region of Italy said: “manufacturing a Knot handbag is definitely a beautiful but contradictory process.” Oh we are not will feel It is inconceivable Oh, Let’s hear a small woman slowly come. Why even skilled master craftsman who say it is a beautiful but conflicting? Because, on the one hand, to achieve the required elements of this process is a state-of-the-art technology and the combination of extreme beauty. On the other hand, the actual manufacturing of aBottega Veneta Knot bag need to centuries-old skills with every step of the technician professional technology are handed down from generation to generation. This contradiction the starting point of the process are usually from the selection of high-quality leather or precious wild leather began, and the next job, it is up to the meticulous experienced artisans to continue to complete a pair of talented hands and a keen eye. The leather materials required by visual verification to ensure that every inch of the material are able to meet the quality requirements of the Knot bags. The seemingly simple standard, ie the same as the thickness of the leather, the color characteristics of the same, and no surface imperfections. But you know, the natural growth of the leather itself is not demanding specifications, if you want to find such a perfect material via chemical treatment, is not easy. Then, qualified materials sent to the cutting department and tested again, is sub-sieve into a different color and different textures and colors to match. A medium Intrecciato woven bag in leather 3 layers of checkpoints leather handle, base, and both sides will be cut into three parts. Pivotal hands next step is shaved – a sharp blade to cut leather, and removal of the thickness of each of the parts around. This is a very traditional craft, but it is orthodox shaved by hand to determine one of the highest quality Knot purses, including its softness, elasticity, resistance and finished goods beauty.
Have to mention after this the Bottega Veneta package most representative preparation practices – Intrecciato technology.
Leather plus the orchestration good position as the bottom with a metal plate and the accurate positioning of the blade will penetrate the meantime slit fettucce leather strips. Soft thong full hand-woven, not Larsson or tear. At the factory has more than 50 full-time technician in charge of the work, it shows the required length of time. Into pieces woven leather by ironing, lining and trim, different accessories inlaid and accept inspection procedures again. At this time in the modern machinery led a hand-bag was born. Using a special needle fettuce leather sliver penetration the bottom slit sub penetrate the bottom of the slit. Should carefully adjust the relative position of the two directions leather every time interspersed thong. Overall, a simple bag needs -6 hours of work, while more complex example Cabat need a few days time. Watched as we dedicate these legendary brand bag story, you will wonder why I want to Bottega Veneta Knot called the role of legendary handbag?

The Hermes handbags fans Blessed it! Next keep you described is your favorite brand in mind inside the legendary bag – Hermes Kelly Bags.It is also a legendary classic bags, formerly known as “Ms. strap saddle packet”, but size Hermes handbags made from crocodile skin in 1956, Grace Kelly carrying ajar own pregnancy Micro Long abdomen, showing the natural charm of female beauty, this bag makes all the rage, the final was the royal family of Monaco consent officially changed to “Kelly bag”. Measurement of each part of the bag is hand-sewn initial process. Tight sutures and accurate version of the type with the hands of a few years or even decades of experience thanks Kelly package is the most important lever, Hermes experienced craftsmen Gandrille said: “The handle is the most difficult and crucial part of the whole package, if the handle is not perfect, so the package can not be perfect.” perfect handle, in fact need at least three hours working hours, while novice must have completed at least 10 qualified handle to craft gradually improve. Over 90 kinds of different textures and colors of leather, such as cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, and more precious crocodile leather, these chefs carefully interpreted as the landscape of the hands of the women. There is also a Birkin bags, Kelly bag has many similar characteristics, if inadvertently will confuse the two. Both Kelly and Birkin bag is inspired from the traditional saddle, using the finest leather production are usually meticulous process, the natural price is not cheap, so the two packages are called “twins”. In fact, the difference between these two bags easily, or focus on the handle, single handle handbag is sure Kelly bag,two handles is Birkin bag.

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Louis Vuitton Travel Bags,The Art Of Packing

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Travel is more than just a “space motion” also be interpreted as an art, it is packed up and ready to go elegant lifestyle apt interpretation of Louis Vuitton.
Packed up, embarked on a journey, a breath of fresh air, feel the natural atmosphere. You could not help but be immersed in imagination: living in a foreign country, to enjoy life fun. Breathe freely, feel natural aroma, unwittingly, has reached the destination … when open travel bags, ready to enjoy the trip when they found clothing folds occur, disorganized, articles disorder ruins …
The first arrived in Paris, or a luggage packed apprentice, Mr. Louis Vuitton will focus packaged in bags produced and luggage management. Then he began to be produced for the French court to save travel bags and personal belongings square box, when carefully packaged and orderly management, unpacking it easy more. It also laid the first opportunity for the creation of the brand.
Louis Vuitton makes adhering to the spirit of the traditional the door package management art legend has shown great vitality. This unique craft, let us backtrack past while also able to revisit three the iconic Louis Vuitton travel bags style: the Alzer Louis Vuitton suitcases, Louis Vuitton Pegase travel Trolley Case and Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag, as well as different designs Luggage “package management” know-how, but also reflects the different modes of travel change and innovation.
Three iconic travel bags for the trip to bring the light of inspiration.
As the the bags production division and packaged managers, Mr. Louis Vuitton to craft etched into the history of the brand. Packaged craft heritage of these three classic travel bags, Louis Vuitton’s elegant travel kept secret so far.
The the Louis Vuitton ALZER suitcase, your elegant travel can not tolerate the slightest fold, the highly anticipated, still poised. These finishing clothing know-how and methods to make your journey to enjoy elegant.
The Louis Vuitton KEEPALL travel bag, the end of the week and the advent of the weekend. Countryside leisure life began. Jeans, sports shoes, one after another, the great creative travel outline, create. Whim, packed up, ready to go, still extraordinary style.
Louis Vuitton PEGASE trolley suitcase, art and fashion perfect shine, shirts and suits the best mix of methods both pursue the essence; termination folds, so that it nowhere to be found. Here about to share is the key.
Louis Vuitton ALZER suitcase

Graceful, sentient beings charm; perfectly fine wardrobe; the white gloves polite waiters …… elegant living everywhere. Whether stroll in Paris, still hanging around in Venice, Whether walking Monaco, or wandering around New York City, and even conduct in dealings with the Metropolitan journey you traveled to where is where luxury atmosphere. Choose the right destination, take a good ticket, bring a suitcase and start your delicate journey. Alzer suitcase Monogram canvas surface layer, and together with brass fittings and poplar and Okoume wood as skeleton. Based on inherited the elegance and classic, but also adds the durable quality. The iconic Louis Vuitton suitcases, carry companion on your journey.
Respected in every possible way lifestyles, designed specifically for your elegant journey. ALZER suitcase with you hand in hand.
Suitcase secret
Alzer is a classic design suitcase with reinforced locks, storage bins and corset belt, Chinese clothes for your silk clothing production. You can be a windbreaker, a dress, a petticoat, a pair of pants, a cardigan sweater, two shirts, a shawl, underwear, stockings, socks, a pair of high-heeled shoes, a pair of flat heeled shoes, a belt , a toiletry bag, a cosmetic bag, a jewelry box, a bracelet box is the perfect storage which. Well! The all baggage catered neat, now began to enjoy life.
Perfect skills of packaged
The first step is to the box surface separate compartments placed side open Alzer suitcase.
The bottom of the second step of the trunk, the handle contralateral store the heaviest items: toiletry bag, jewelry box, bracelet box, cosmetic bags and so on.
The third step of shoes inside filled with tissue paper, and the two kept separate, and cover. Remaining storage space underwear, stockings, socks, and dish up belt.
The fourth step then the windbreaker placed in the above, expand and ruffled collar. Windbreaker inside the pants vertical fold flat and waistband and trouser legs extended outside the trench coat. On, two shirts heads and legs relative cross-stacked, and the shirt collar and ruffled the coin every other department. The waistband and trouser legs folded back, and then turn back the windbreaker side lapel and sleeves. Finally, one way or another with the corset. In this way, they put the most valuable items are stored properly.
Step Five separate compartments back into the open.
Step Six dress flat, upper placed within the compartment, the lower left vacant. The petticoat vertical to the fold, and placed on the dress. Retrace to dress the lower part of the petticoat.
The seventh step cardigan sweater rolled up, together with the remaining small items placed in the remaining space within
Step Eight for the convenience of quick access, the shawl tile on it, fastened with a corset belt.
Ninth step close Alzer suitcase and told the hostess: suitcase ready
TipsUnexpected to avoid out-of-the-box, two steps open the Alzer: open the middle of the first box lock, then open the lock of the edge of the box.The perfect folding Act of dressOne would dress pave placed inside of the upper half, the lower half is placed outside the box.. Put a piece of clothing, such as jackets, expand and put up the collar. First lapel side to turn back, then sleeves retrace.Turn back the dress lower part, placed on the jacket.Shirt Perfect folded methodProtective clothing, the shirt collar and ruffled.2. System on all the remaining buttons.3. Folded in the usual way: horizontal fold collar exposed sleeves fold back body.
The Louis Vuitton KEEPALL travel bag
Accommodate all, as the name suggests, all of course. At this point, expand Keepall travel bag, zippered; reach their destination, open the zipper, took place one of the items will travel bag easily folded and put away.
Or carefully plan a trip, a hike; or a whim, starting immediately, alone on the road or go hand in hand … Keepall travel bag partners with you wherever you go soft, lightweight, elegant, huge capacity, even if on the trailer luggage rack, filling the classic essence.
Accommodate all Thatcher.
Monogram canvas, natural cowhide yellow linen thread, brass fittings • • • Welcome to travel, to board flights! Accommodate all beyond fashion in 1930, the advent of first brown cotton canvas Keepall travel bag – an era had arrived.
Travel bag secretA “accommodate all the travel bag? Monogram canvas, two handles, hand-held size, elegant and practical. Convenient extracted for easy opening and closing, convenient storage. What can hold? A pair of jeans, a dress, the two lightweight sweater, a sweater, underwear, socks, two pairs of sports shoes, two pairs of shoes, two belts, a toiletry bag, a cosmetic bag, a jewelry package, an installed three block watch watch box? In accordance with the the knack method followed by finishing, everything will be easy • • •

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Louis Vuitton 2013 “art of travel” roving exhibitions

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In 1937, Louis Vuitton downtown Huadu and honor to be famous the luggage artisans Marechal Mr. apprentice. Subsequently, he began production of travel bags and box-for the French court, which also laid the first opportunity for the creation of the brand. Paris prestigious Rue Neuve Des Capucines, the 4th in 1854, Louis Vuitton opened its first store, the Louis Vuitton brand.

Subsequently, the rapid industrial development has brought a revolution in the way of travel, from a hot air balloon, ships and airplanes to cars, followed by even trendsetting Louis Vuitton travel bags. Wishes from all our guests from the moment of packaging finishing full manifestation of personalized Louis Vuitton can even guests need to bring travel goods specially customized travel bags, at the same time create art packed luggage and travel on behalf of on behalf of legend. 1997, since the artistic director Marc Jacobs added, more is to carry forward the the travel spirit advocated by the brand, more innovative century cultural heritage. Louis Vuitton officially launched in 2007 by celebrity endorsement from the different areas of the core value of promotional activities, re-brand travel art onto a new level. Exciting debut at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 with the grand unveiling of the 2012 Louis Vuitton House, a perfect interpretation of Louis Vuitton Travel inseparable century love. As a result, the achievements classic style.

Pay tribute to the noble art of travel in order to pass, but also to express the heartfelt respect of the the elegant historical heritage and craftsmanship. Louis Vuitton “traveling art exhibition will begin in March this year, roving exhibitions in four cities in China for six months.

Louis Vuitton “art of travel” roving exhibition schedule:Taikoo Hui Guangzhou: March 17-April 7, 2011Wuxi Yaohan: April 26-May 19, 2009Shenyang Vientiane City: June 28-July 19, 2009One Central Macau: August 10 to September 18

Soft travel bagEven leading travel trend parallel with travel culture, pioneer spirit is always Louis Vuitton continued forward momentum. Soft travel bag by Louis Vuitton into the travel and culture. Travel pouch has been used from the early ships, cars, travel to the modern era of fashionable handbags, innovation and tradition, re-interpretation of the art of the travel side by side.

Louis Vuitton Steamer travel bag, 1901:Steamer bag … it is like a myth, a poem, it will make people think of Mallarme “sea breeze” beautiful verse: “We’re starting! Ship ah, shake your mast toward the exotic nature sail …… “It has chic lines of the structure, using a soft canvas for the first time in the travel appliances making history, it can be hung on the hook on the cabin door, and plains design so that it can be placed in car pedal. These creative Initially only used to create a legend in the storage bag to wash clothes. This style became representatives of Gaston – Louis • Mr. Wei Deng personality the best products, and later after Marc Jacob re-interpretation, became the model for all modern traveling bags, sail invitation issued to the people.

Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag, 1930:”Keepall – to accommodate all, as the name suggests, bring it journey can begin, it is a first for excursions soft luggage bags. When you are ready to start a light casual travel, expand Keepall travel bag, placed in luggage, zippered, instantly on a journey. It can also be easily folded away into the trunk, to become the best partner of your shopping trip. Keepall travel bag partners with you wherever you go soft, lightweight, elegant, large capacity, even on cabin luggage rack, also filling the classic style.

Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag, 1930:As one of the most prestigious Louis Vuitton Classic handbags, Speedy has almost become one of the hallmarks of the Louis Vuitton also interpreted largest handbag styles. Artist Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Stephen Sprouse Speedy handbag for their artistic creation, which also makes this classic design style always radiate vitality, flappers their favorite!

Louis Vuitton Alma handbag, 1934:Louis Vuitton in 1934 created one of the classic handbag, prototype from 1934 by Mr. Gaston-Louis Vuitton creative Squire Bag travel bag. Alma word taken from the Place de L’Alma Alma Square, located the Paris downtown Mengtian Avenue and the Seine River Interchange. With the name of the same strain, Alma handbag elegant simplicity, unique.

Special customLouis Vuitton’s travel history, exquisite and extraordinary custom process to create a hard case with unique features countless amazing who nomadic travelers also deeply impressed by these exquisite products. Special custom hard case travel is no longer lonely, the all lovey able to properly transport, accompanied journey. Special customized service is Louis Vuitton’s tradition of excellence, guests special requirements for product design, brand effort to make access to reach the desire. Louis Vuitton created numerous elegant and innovative products, allowing guests a dream come true, and develop their unique style over the years to remove then designed by Louis Vuitton and son George Vuitton suitcase accompany explorer expedition world canvas bed!

Louis Vuitton Made-to-Order and Custom Mode two categories. The former offers guests customized to the existing section of the package, especially the private things of a personal logo, choose their favorite fabrics and colors, for example, guests from brand offers many fabric or product with the initials. Tailored service allows guests to enjoy their imagination, also artisans develop their skills and matchless process, products are all unique ideas of principle, either lightweight or complex works, from preliminary sketches to production samples are gradually guests the ideas and requirements into reality. The all tailor products are from Paris Asnieres workshop, all processes have the same products responsible for the follow-up of the production of a craftsman.

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Chanel 2013 Spring Summer Ad

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Karl Lagerfeld select room minimalist aesthetic style, traditional Japanese tatami, sliding doors, as well as pure and simple furnishings as the Chanel 2013 spring summer series haute couture advertising blockbusters background.
Designer brings us one the truly elegant tells fashion courses, this large advertising embodiment of femininity the Stella Tennant interpretation of an elegant stepmother, two beautiful and fashionable stepdaughter by Ondria Hardin and Yumi Lambert respectively interpretations.
The dress skirts Bra tailoring is concise and elegant, decorated with black or white leather trim, ivory white pearl or flower pattern embroidery, Chanel fashion wardrobe in the new single product.
Tweed jacket innovative interpretation into a cardigan short Qiao jacket, with delicate dress wear, giving a light, lively and charming temperament, dark blue jacket decorated with pearl buttons, or ornaments carved round pie black and white plaid suit lapel. Fringe trimmed skirt, eggplant purple tweed or dark navy blue lambskin material jacket silhouette of this season is full of modern charm and sense of structure.
Knit series of flagship compact, white, blue or black cashmere pullovers, and tweed pants easily match. In addition to the interwoven colors or bright yellow ribbed knit to create volume edition of the abundance of leisure.
The translucent little black dress is elegant and luxurious, decorated with rich colors of black silk chiffon delicate chiffon piece, sequins embroidery or micro three-dimensional quilting embroidery.
The ubiquitous pearl elements continue to decorate in the buttonhole, belt and jacket zipper, also appeared in large numbers in the wide bracelets and long necklace.
Classic Chanel handbags are innovative interpretation of the the Hula Hoop version, red or blue leather mini-or two-color lozenge, even drawing effect cotton knit version of the mini handbag. Bright pink, red or green and lively mini handbag full of pure childlike.
Crystal clear tone shoes, satin and PVC material together skillfully.

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Prada spring summer 2013 collection ad

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Flower embellishment beloved Prada designer Miuccia Prada still exist,Prada  spring summer 2013 collection showed a more sober – almost, dare we say at least – Prada Milan Fashion Week runway.
Last week, the London Fashion Week Burberry Prorsum SS13 collection, there are plenty of shiny material Prada opened with stylized flowers appliqued stunned stiff dress more intense satin coat and black satin dress decorated two pieces of simple stylized floral embellished.
Prada favorites constraints in the prada spring summer 2013, New York and London, his palette, follow the theme of black and white black and white mainly involving a red lacquer clear, orange Xiaoqiang, some marine little dark green glossy pastel pink, pastel green.
Put the banana designer earrings attachment icon, he is very sober palette. According to, Prada is quite philosophy clothing backstage before the show, said: “The dream is prohibited, nostalgia is prohibited, too sweet, nor do we believe that the whole story, and now you don ‘ not like. expression of the impossible dream. ‘
Of course, the collection of spring and summer 2013 Prada seems darker, less ornate, and compared to the first season is simple, although the weird sense of the woman Shipu Lada of humor can still be seen in addition to the traditional Japanese tabi socks, shoes, sunglasses, bags beautiful daisy embellishment squares, and other shoes caused Harajuku Girls flatforms impressive., the elements of the Japanese collection is so strong – ironically by Gucci designer Frida Giannini reference in the same direction – apparently added later to the design process, but duchess satin kimono folded perfect sculpture once suggested influence there.
Casual shirt sweater, shorts ribs with legs broadband and ribs “body” movement harked, but can easily be seen as a reminiscence of a lot of the same tribes, Harajuku.
Yes, a database schema 1960s minimalism atmosphere based on the track – Jil Sander and 1980, several mid-calf skirt and blouse, high collar, a light – but more well-produced by folding and ironically “slot” works quite well structured skirt and jacket pulled up to 10 years.
White fur dotted with black and red chrysanthemums form – a little spring? – The collection of decadent also won strong concept and high errors, perhaps the only collection of mainly some new words.
Overall, the Prada spring and summer 2013 collection the portable reader, sober and mature than the first seasons of work, much less bizarre. Objects – skirts, dresses and long coats, jackets and shorts cut from the city, not to mention comfortable shoes and interesting package and sunglasses – must be translated into a large number of women wardrobe significantly easier.

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Prada 2013 fall winter collection

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Although the sport was shot with a photographer, Steven Meisel, but there is no special message on the label of all activities as in their Spring Summer 2012 activities, which is recognized as Prada rod movement hot optimistic is then followed by the album of the many labels and magazines, is known as the impact of Prada.

On the other hand, is … the collection is truly amazing beauty and fashion, we all know that their works Prada can do not wrong. Line of clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes, everything looks fantastic, fun, beautiful, but also evoke the elegance and charm of the brand. Heavy colored floral prints and geometric, bright colors and bold, some people also provide pastels, I can not say any more than brilliant, and Prada women offers so many beautiful things, but they have the chance.

How wonderful this sport for me, it’s more like a brochure, because I can see the entire label. Veteran and model of the new cast, as Iser el Lin Luijendijk Anne Vyalitsyna Steiro, Madison Headrick, pediment Gizycko Wei Yake Magdalena Axente and Vanessa, they are iconic dress and clothing of all kinds of handbags, accessories and footwear, including many high pumps, platform, open toe with oxford shoes and fun units available in bright colors and prints.

I can say there is no great movement, but I would say hands down, there are so many top works featured in this campaign, or brochure?

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